What to Look For When Applying to a Caribbean Medical University

Attending a Caribbean medical university can be a dream come true. Entrance into a medical program can be a life-changing event, and you may find it difficult to wait for the program’s start date. Furthermore, the ability to study while living on a beautiful Caribbean island only adds to your excitement. Before you can enjoy life as a medical student at a Caribbean university, however, you must first apply for a program and be admitted. As you explore the different colleges and universities available in the Caribbean, focus on these three critical factors.

The School’s Accreditation
While there are more than 60 universities in the Caribbean that have medical programs, the accreditation of these schools varies substantially. It is important to research the accreditation that is required to practice medicine in the area you are interested in in the future. For example, if you wish to practice in the United States after graduating, only a few Caribbean schools like All Saints University have the proper accreditation to do so. The accreditation factor can drastically reduce your options and may give you just a few top schools to consider applying to.

The School’s Location
The location of the school is critical for several reasons. For example, you may prefer to live in a country that speaks your primary language. You may prefer a more heavily populated island that has greater opportunities for internships and work in your field while you study. You may also want an island that has a relatively low crime rate, numerous flights to the mainland for easy travel planning and more. The school’s location can dramatically impact your comfort level, your cost of living and more.

The Cost of Tuition
While the school’s location can affect your cost of living while studying, the school’s tuition rate can also directly affect your budget as well as your college loan needs. The annual tuition expense can vary substantially between schools, and you may find that two or three of your top picks vary by tens of thousands of dollars per year in cost. By focusing on this important factor, you may be able to determine which option is a top pick for you.

The school as well as the island must both be carefully researched before you make a final decision about which school to attend. By analyzing some of these factors up-front before you apply, you may even decide not to apply to a few schools. This can save you time and money up-front. However, be sure not to narrow down your list too much as you want to increase your chances of getting into a medical program by applying to several schools.